Learn More About Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes




The County Tax Assessor’s Office mails Real Estate tax statements during November of each year. The balance should be paid by December 31st. Senior citizens may be qualified for an extended payment plan. Contact the county treasurer’s office at (816) 881-3232 for more details.
Many tax statements are sent to lending companies that require homeowners to maintain a property tax reserve account. If you do not receive your property tax statement, or if you know that your bank pays your taxes and you want to know the amount of your tax, contact the county treasurer’s office.
You may pay your property tax at City Hall in person or by mail. If you mail a check, be sure to include the tax parcel or account number on the check and include the tax state-ment’s payment stub. Checks are made payable to “Jackson County Collector”. Credit and Debit cards ARE accepted.


Personal property tax statements are also mailed during the month of November. You may pay your individual personal property tax bill at Grandview City Hall, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

First-time auto buyers need to bring a copy of the title or title application with them. If your individual personal property tax bill is incorrect, the city can make the necessary adjustments if you supply proof of the error (Copy of "Bill of Sale”, a junk receipt, etc.) for the vehicle you are wanting removed. The City will need the registration or title to the replacement vehicle.

Before you can pay the current year's individual personal property tax, or make an adjustment,  all previous years' must be paid. If you are unable to locate your Jackson County personal property tax receipt, you may obtain a duplicate receipt at Grandview City Hall for 1 dollar each.