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The International House of Prayer World Headquarters

The International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC), a rapidly- growing faith-based movement selected Grandview as the home for its future world headquarters in 2008. IHOP is a non-denominational, religious organization which focuses on the core methodology based on constant worship music and prayer.
The organization purchased 125 acres of land immediately adjacent to Interstate 49 in northern Grandview in 2009. Its future plans include an approximately 30 million dollar plus phase one investment that will include moving the core activities of its Mission Base (headquarters) to the new site. The initial activities include a 2500 seat 24/7 prayer room, a 5,000 seat weekend church and conference facility, and apartments for housing students and missionaries. International House of Prayer leadership intentions are that the new campus ultimately will result in a new village-like hub for the activities of the Mission Base as well as add new life, new activities and excitement for Grandview.

Grandview was extremely pleased in the IHOP decision to make the City the movement’s new “home.” Since the decision was made in 2008, the City has seen a rapid influx of IHOP-associated individuals and a “quickening” and positive upswing in hope and optimism for the future.

The IHOP movement already has been a great boost to Grandview, as many of the new residents have purchased existing houses or built new homes in the City. Our welcome “newcomers” range from college age students, to middle-aged, relocating professionals, to retirees—all of whom want to be located close to the organization’s current activities and part of its exciting future. Many of the mid-age and younger IHOP-associated individuals are establishing new businesses in the City, adding to Grandview’s economic mix.

IHOP University 

IHOPU Parking Lot 2012IHOP-KC purchased a former strip shopping center at U.S. Highway 71 and Main Street in September of 2009. The organization transformed the former center in a little less than one year, and opened IHOP-University (IHOP-U) in the 100,000 square-feet facility in August of 2010.

Enrollment for the first full semester of operations (Fall of 2010) was 500 full-time students and 250 shorter-term interns. The combined enrollment of the college is projected to be 1100-1200 in August of 2012.

IHOP-U is having a profound influence on Grandview. It made the City a “college town” almost overnight. The University is attracting both young adults and those of older ages to the City. Its students and interns come from all over the United States, and a large contingent of the student body hails from other countries.

The school draws a steady stream of parents, potential students, and other visitors to the City. They come to simply visit, attend IHOP’s many conferences, and to experience IHOP-U as a “next stop” for students entering the college-age periods of their lives. Those visitors add yet another exciting element to Grandview’s economic future.

The wide variety of both young and older students and interns, from all over the world, have combined to lower Grandview’s median age and added a more diverse, cosmopolitan atmosphere to the community. The City is particularly pleased that, according to University leaders, approximately 20-30% of the student body decides to remain in the area after graduation—promising further growth for Grandview and its economy.

ONETHING Conference


OneThing Conference IHOPThe IHOP movement already has resulted in significant economic and civic benefits for Grandview, by: (1) bringing all ages of new residents to Grandview, many of whom are buying and building homes, (2) creation of a new college in the City; (3) resulting in new “conventions” type of industry for Grandview and the metropolitan area, because of its constant special events, visits and annual “onething” conference that is in the “top five” annual conventions for the Kansas City Convention Center, and (4) providing a very civic-minded group of active and conscientious citizens to all aspects of community life.

The full impact of IHOP on Grandview is growing daily, and playing a major transformative role in the City’s future. Many in the community feel that, because it is drawing new people, enthusiasm, homebuyers, and purchasing dollars to the City, that the IHOP movement may be one of the largest, most significant occurrences in the City for the past three-four decades.

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The organization has a steady series of conferences and workshops that draw a monthly minimum 1,200 participants to Grandview. It also periodically has large conventions, such as a four-day session called OneThing held annually in late December, which attracted over 25,000 participants in 2011.

Click Here to visit IHOP-KC official website.

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