Grandview’s big opportunity, honoring 35 years of service with the City, and a plan for the future. It’s all in the April edition of the Monthly Report.

Administration Division

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Captain Ryan Sharp
Administration Commander:
Captain Ryan Sharp

The Administration Division is commanded by Captain Ryan Sharp. The division is responsible for the following operations:

              • Budget and Purchasing
              • Careers 
              • Communications
              • Facility Maintenance
              • Information Technology
              • Records Unit
              • Property and Evidence 
              • Community Engagement                           
              • School Resource Officers DARE/GREAT/TALK Program(s) 
              • Volunteers In Police Service (V.I.P.S.)

The Division is staffed by Administrative Assistant Dean Cooper, Communications Sergeant Gabriel Gilbert, Administrative Sergeant Greg Smith, Records Supervisor Linda Leach, two full-time records personnel, two part-time records clerks, three School Resource Officers and eight full-time dispatchers.