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Presidential Trail

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Grandview Public Works is perhaps most excited about one 2017 project now underway: The Presidential Trail.  

The nearly 3-mile trail will start at the Truman Farm Home on Blue Ridge Blvd. and  eventually connect with the Longview Trail.   

presidential trail map

Truman Road Presidential Trail Aerial view

The project incorporates existing infrastructure, like the sidewalk on Blue Ridge Blvd., and newly constructed trail paths. 

Parts of the trail will be nearly 8-feet wide, like this new trail along Harry Truman Road west of Raytown Road. 

Crews are making quick work of the project and could be done as early as Labor Day.


An historic Bailey Bridge will be refurbished at a later date and used as a pedestrian bridge along the trail. 

 Bailey Bridge RemovalBaileyBridge_Rendering