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New Shooting Range Opens to Police Training

Post Date:09/12/2019

Recent police training at the new shooting range has a lot of citizens asking questions. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.  

Why this location?

The zoning around the parkland of Grandview Ballpark is primarily light industrial with the nearest residential zone nearly a half-mile away. The current range has also been on this property for 30 years. The new shooting range was built on the same piece of property as the existing shooting range, moved just 200 feet to the north.

 zoning map


Who approved all of this?

Grandview voters approved the new range and its current location by approving the No-Tax Increase Bond Issue in 2014. City leadership had decided prior to the election to keep the range on the same property to create minimum negative impact to the few residents in the area. That information was shared with the citizens in 2014 prior to the election as you can see from the information materials below.

 2014 no tax increase bond issue

The first conceptual drawings publicly published and mailed to every Grandview address in 2014 showed the new shooting range on the lower ballfield location at Grandview Ballpark. The measure was approved in a public vote. Here is the exact language as it appeared on the August 2014 ballot:

 ballot language
Throughout planning and construction of the new shooting range, Grandview Police Department talked with many residents who live nearby. We took many phone calls, exchanged emails, held multiple meetings, one with the shooting range designer, and even toured the range with neighbors to keep them informed about the process and progress.


What are you going to do about the noise?

We incorporated many noise-mitigating factors into the new shooting range including: 12-inch thick 20-foot concrete walls at the ends of the range, 12-inch thick 10-foot walls along the sides of the range, shredded tires behind targets, choosing the lowest point for construction, and having it surrounded by a wooded area. In addition, the designer of the shooting range had suggested planting evergreens in the area between the nearest residential properties on Robinson Pike Road and the range. Vegetation is one of the best noise absorbers. The City has purchased and sourced $10,000 worth of evergreen vegetation to be planted. The planting process will start next week. However, it appears that may not be enough.

Once Grandview Police Department began training exercises at the new shooting range the week of September 10, we started receiving complaints from around the City. Public Works crews have taken noise measurements from different locations around Grandview. Until noise can be controlled to our satisfaction there will be no shooting after 8:00 p.m., rifle training will be conducted at the old shooting range, and there will be no open range day.


Why are officers shooting at night?

As part of their annual rifle training and certification. It’s a liability for the City of Grandview to not provide officers, primarily those who work at night, the proper training in low-light or night conditions. A 1979 ruling in Indiana decided firearms training for law enforcement had to be more reflective of the conditions officers face while working.

What’s going to happen when it opens the public?

The new range will not open to the public until the spring of 2020. The safety of everyone in the City of Grandview is paramount to City leaders and the shooting range will be a safe, controlled environment. Days and hours of operation for the public will be limited to 2-3 days a week during the day. Sworn Grandview Police Officers will always be present during public shooting hours. They will act as Shooting Range Officers to ensure everyone’s safety. No weapons with calibers equal to or greater than .50 BMG, will be allowed.*

What’s the next step?

Public works will compile the noise measurements taken from around the City and compare them to baseline measurements taken at the old shooting range. City leaders will review the data and consider if the noise is more than a nuisance and what we can do about it. 

Grandview PD Chief Charles Iseman has also contacted the designer of the shooting range and requested a conference call next week to discuss what other immediate measures we can implement quickly without breaking the bank to improve the noise resonating from the shooting range.


*CORRECTION 12/3/2019: ORIGINAL VERSION HAS BEEN EDITED TO CORRECT MISINFORMATION THAT READ: The caliber of the weapon is also capped at .50 BMG or 50 caliber.


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