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Pretreat Protocol:

Post Date:11/04/2019

When winter weather is on the way, Public Works crews prepare the asphalt for precipitation with pretreatment. Pretreat is another term for “de-icing,” or simply “beet-juice.’ 

We do have a protocol we follow for pretreating streets and we don't pretreat every street in the City. There are several reasons for that. These same reasons hold for every other community that uses pre-treating chemicals.

  • Currently we pretreat the streets on our marked snow routes and some selected “hot spots,” which are on some hills and STOP sign locations with grades.  It costs Grandview about $7,500 for each application.  Our marked snow routes cover about 1/3 of our street system.  We estimate that to do all the streets in the city it would take about $22,500 per application, and to get it done in a timely manner we would need to purchase two more trucks-tanks- and distributor units.
  • Our marked snow routes tend to be the heavier traveled streets, as well as the feeder streets to our major streets and state routes.  Where there is more traffic there are more crashes, so by targeting these streets we directly address our primary concern: traffic safety. Our research shows the targeted applications minimizes crashes. 
  • Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on Grandview streets is 25 miles per hour.  This is the case for all of the streets that we do not pretreat.  Again, our objective is to make streets safe and not to let drivers go as fast as they wish.  Our crash numbers over the past several years have shown consistently that the vast majority of crashes during winter weather events do not happen on our non-treated streets but on our snow routes. 
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