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Survey Says

Post Date:01/27/2020

2012 was the last year Grandview conducted a Citizens Survey. Back then, Sam’s Club had announced its plans to relocate, Price Chopper was the only store keeping Truman Corners alive, and age was taking its toll on most City parks where kids played on outdated playgrounds and equipment.

A lot has changed since 2012, and 2019 was the right time to return to citizens to measure perceptions about the City and its services.

The results help determine priorities for the community by letting City leaders and staff know what’s being done well and what needs improvement.

ETC Institute conducted the five-page Citizen Survey in the summer of 2019. The 421 responses collected cover all City wards, demographics, and socioeconomic backgrounds equally. The survey has a +/- 4.8% margin of error.


One of the best results to see from a City standpoint is the percentage of citizens giving life in Grandview high marks.

60% of citizens marked Grandview as an "excellent" or "good" place to live (see chart above). That's 5% higher than results from the last Grandview Citizens Survey.

More people also believe Grandview is an "excellent" or "good" place to work compared 

to the 2012 survey.

Also improved: affordability of Parks & Recreation fees, the overall quality of the City's special events and festivals, and the overall quality of the City's Parks & Recreation programs and facilities.


When it comes to City services, Grandview is setting the standard for customer service. 57% of citizens reported being "very satisfied" and "satisfied" about interactions with City employees. That's 15% above the national average.

"Excellent customer service is a  hallmark here at the City of Grandview," explains City Administrator Cemal Umut Gungor. "I'm encouraged citizens are experiencing this and expect those numbers to grow in the future."

Other City services are also beating out the national averages. Police, fire, and ambulance services, and parks and recreation are some performing above the national average (see chart at right).


While Grandview has made some progress, there's always more work to be done. The citizens survey asked residents to prioritize three City services deserving of the "most emphasis" over the next five years.

Citizens responded with overall maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, and buildings, overall quality of new development and overall enforcement of City codes and ordinances.

"Nearly 70% of citizens marked recent improvements and development as 'excellent' and 'good,'" explains Mayor Leonard Jones. "But citizens are also telling us they want more. And we're working on it."

Some citizen priorities are already being addressed by the present budget.

In 2020, funding for sidewalks doubled and Public Works received more money for snow removal. Read more results from the Citizens Survey by clicking on the links below.



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