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City of Grandview Applications and Permits

(Fee schedule subject to change. Please contact staff to verify fees. Last updated August 2018)

1) Building Permit Application

Building permits are required for any new roof covered structure over 30 square feet of floor area in size. For example, permits are required for the addition of sheds, garages or carports, patio and decks with or without covers, porches, room additions and basement finish projects, swimming pools, and some hot tubs. A building permit is not required for the installation of residential driveways, however, there are standards that need to be met and a Public Works Improvement Permit may be required.

All of the following need to be submitted with the building permit application:

  1. Three copies of a stake-out survey prepared by a licensed architect, engineer, or land surveyor are required. See site plan Standards below for specific requirements. 
  2. One set of building plans must be submitted. These plans must include the floor plans with all dimensions, wall sections, elevations, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structural member materials (ceiling and floor joists, beams, and roof rafters) to include spacing, spans, sizes, grade, and species of lumber to be used. 
  3. A building permit application (see below) must be filled out and submitted with the stake-out survey and building plans mentioned above.

3) Development Services Application

Most applications require the applicant to complete the City’s Development Services Application, to attach all of the required information, and to pay the required fee. Staff encourages all applicants schedule a Pre-Application meeting prior to submitting a Development Services Application. These meetings may help identify necessary changes and/or avoid potential problems. Upon submitting, please note: staff will not accept applications that are incomplete, missing necessary attachments, or without including the appropriate fee(s). The Development Services Application is required for the following requests:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Ordinance Text Amendments
  • Rezonings
  • Conditional & Temporary Uses
  • Subdivisions (minor, lot adjustments, etc)
  • Variance
  • Appeals of Administrative Decisions
  • Vacation of Streets, Alleys, or Easements
  • Vacation of Streets, Alleys, or Easements

4) Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Sewer Permits

Residential MEP permits are typically issued over the counter in the Community Development Department in Grandview City Hall, 1200 Main Street, during regular business hours. Commercial and industrial permits require plans and a plan review. Please contact the Building Services Division of the Community Development Department at (816) 316-4825 for additional or specific requirements on your project.

5) Home Occupation Permit Application

Any occupation or profession conducted entirely within a dwelling unit by the inhabitants thereof which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the premises for dwelling purposes and does not change the residential character thereof. There are several hundred licensed home occupations in Grandview. A yearly home occupation permit is issued by the Community Development Department without charge. The permit verifies that the home occupation is permitted and that it will follow the performance standards in the zoning ordinance. In most cases a city occupation license will also be required, which includes an annual fee and monitoring for compliance with city and state requirements. If you have any questions, call (816) 316-4822. 


  • No change in outside appearance or signage 
  • No additional traffic, parking, sewerage or water use 
  • No outside storage 
  • No creation of hazard, nuisance, or electrical interference 
  • No employees other than self or family 
  • No more than 25% of floor area of dwelling used for business 
  • No deliveries of materials other than parcel post or similar parcel service vehicles 
  • No noise, vibration, smoke, odors, heat or glare 
  • Advertising limited to use of name, phone number, and post office box. 
  • Limit of one private commercial vehicle no greater than three-quarter ton capacity 

Click HERE for specific performance standards found under Section 31-25(B) of the city's Zoning Ordinance.

6) Occupational/Craftmen's (Business) License

To obtain a General Contractors/Business License or any other type of building contractors' license, the contractor must fill out an application and take it to the Finance Department or the Community Development Department in City Hall. The contractor must also provide a Certificate of Insurance that names The City of Grandview as a Certificate holder and must show the limits of the general liability and if the contractor employs more than zero (0) employees the certificate must also show the worker's compensation coverage. The fiscal year for these licenses is from the 1st of July through the following 30th of June. For more information, call (816) 316-4844. 

To obtain an electrical, plumbing or heating and air conditioning contractors "Craftsmen's License", the contractor must comply with the requirements stated above plus the following:

  • The contractor must show that he/she is currently license in a jurisdiction that the City of Grandview recognizes as requiring an approved examination for the applicable craft, or the contractor must show that he/she has successfully passed an approved examination for the applicable craft.
  • The contractor must fill out an application for "Craftsmen's License" and take it to the Finance Department or the Community Development Department in the Grandview City Hall on the form provided.
  • The fee for the "Craftsmen's License" is $50.00 per year, but it is pro rated from the 1st of July of each year. The fiscal year for these licenses is from the 1st of July through the following 30th of June.
  • Plumbing contractors must also pay a $100.00 cash bond. The bond is refundable upon closing of business activities in the City of Grandview and by submitting the original receipt to the Finance Department or the Community Development Department in the Grandview City Hall.

7) Pre-Application Meeting Request Forms

The City’s Development Review Team regularly meets with potential applicants to review their plans and offer comments and suggestions. A pre-application conference may help an applicant to identify necessary changes and avoid potential problems. Applicants preparing applications for site plans, subdivisions, and planned development are particularly encouraged to schedule a pre-application conference, but all potential applicants are welcome to meet with the Review Team to discuss their plans.
All meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please submit the proper request form and other documents by Friday at 12:00pm noon (official confirmation from the City Planner must be received) in order to make an appointment. The requested meeting will be held two (2) Tuesdays from the week submitted or seven (7) business days after the Friday deadline.


8) Sign and Banner Permits

Required for the installation of signs, banners and inflatable (balloon) type signs. Banners and inflatable type signs on commercial and industrial properties are allowed one at a time, 6 times per calendar year for a 30-day period each.







DISCLAIMER: the dollar ($) amount may be subject to change.  Please call Amy Cook at (816) 316-4817 to obtain a detailed list of our updated fee schedule. Thank you.

Building Division

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of fees associated with valuation.

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING  PERMITS $200.00 Plus .4% of Valuation
COMMERCIAL BUILDING PERMITS $400.00 Plus .4% of Valuation 


Small accessory buildings, decks, porches, patio covers, car ports, gazebos, fences and above ground pools 

$50.00 annually (see "Occupational/Business License" above) 

RESIDENTIAL PLAN REVIEW Residential $75.00 Plus $.50 per $1,000.00 in Valuation
COMMERCIAL PLAN REVIEW   Commercial is 65% of Permit Fee

$55.00 Minimum Up To $2,000 in Valuation, then $6.60 per $1,000 of Valuation thereafter. 


$55.00 Minimum Up To $2,000 in Valuation, then $6.60 per $1,000 of Valuation thereafter. 

PLUMBING PERMIT $55.00 Minimum Up To $2,000 in Valuation then $6.60 per $1,000 of Valuation thereafter. 
SHED, FENCE  $35.00
SEWER CONNECTION PERMIT $100.00 per Residential connection, $200.00 per Commercial connection 
SIGN PERMIT $50.00 minimum or $2.00 per square foot (whichever is greater)
SIGN FACE REPLACEMENT  $25.00 per face (must be an existing business)
RE/ROOF (residential) $70.00
RE/ROOF (non-residential) $400.00 + 0.4% x (times) construction value



Development Services

     A. Conditional Use $475+A 31-28
     B. Temporary Use $250 31-28
     C. Zoning Ordinance Amendment $475+A 31-28
     D. Planned District Review $475 31-28
 Historic Preservation Commission    
     A. Certificate of Appropriateness Application $150   31-25A
     B. Landmark Nomination  $475  31-25A
     C. Historic District Nomination  $475  31-25A
Platting/Subdividing (< 5 total lots)
     A. Preliminary Plat $40/acre (min. $475)


     B. Final Plat $20/acre (min. $275) 27-8(3)
          i. Minor Subdivisions $250 27-44(C)
          ii. Variance/Appeal to Zoning $475 31-28
Site Plan Review/Grading Permit $250 *A+B
     A.Tax Increment Financing Application
          i. Creation Per Code Section 2-49.1
          ii. Amendment Per Code Section 2-49.1
     A. Zoning Ordinance $15 31-28
     B. Zoning Map $7 31-28
     C. Comprehensive Plan $20 31-28
     D. Subdivision Regulations $2 31-28
     E. Prints (26"x 36") $7 31-28
     F. Prints (largest) $15 31-28
     G. Sign Ordinance $3 31-28
     H. Photocopy $0.50 31-28
     A. Street Name Change $450 27-93.1
     B. Comprehensive Plan Amendment $450 31-28
     C. Oil Well Permit $25 31-28
 "A" = if site is more than 5 acres, add $10.00 per acre     
 "B" = if fourth (4th) submission or more is needed, add $50.00 per submission    



Neighborhood Services

 ANIMAL IMPOUND $60.00 (held at Wayside Waifs) 

$30.00 per day up to 5 days, or

up to 10 days if the owner is known

 OWNER SURRENDER $50.00 (cat or dog)
 LITTER SURRENDER $75.00 (puppies or kittens must be under 5 months old)


To release a pet back to the owner after being impounded, the owner must provide the following:

  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Copy of valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate (if one cannot be provided, Wayside Waifs can administer the vaccination for a fee of $15.00; which is paid to Wayside Waifs)
"A" = if site is more than 5 acres, add $10.00 per acre 
Building Permit
Public Works Permits

Questions and Answers

Shooting Range Open House
Post Date:03/09/2020 12:54 PM

On Thursday, February 20, the City of Grandview hosted an open house for the public to learn more about the sound study and proposed resolutions to alleviate sound issues at the shooting range. Chief Charles Iseman displayed different samples of the recommended solutions and answered questions about the the products. Avant Acoustics engineers were also on hand to answer questions, as well as the range designer, environmental experts from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and Public Works Director Dennis Randolph. 

More than 75 people signed in to the open house, including elected leaders, City staff and boards and commission members. Each person was given a comment card for feedback. 22 people wrote input, comments, and/or questions. In response, the City has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the shooting range, sound study, sound levels, etc. We will be updating them as more questions come our way.


The shooting range opened to Grandview Police Department training on September 10, 2019. After a number of concerns about the sound coming from the new range, the City shut down the range on September 12, 2019 and conducted a sound study in October to measure the levels. The sound study confirmed higher decibels at its four measuring points and offered five recommendations to alleviate sound. Read the sound study presentation here. 



Q: What is the City’s goal as far as sound levels at the new shooting range?

The City’s goal is to have sound levels at the new range equal to or less than levels at the old shooting range.

Q: The sound study makes five recommendations for lowering sound levels at the shooting range. How much will all of these cost?

The estimated costs of implementing all five recommendations from AVANT Acoustics are $350,000 - $825,000 depending on what products/systems are selected. 

Q: Are any of these products or systems guaranteed to work?

One system carries a guarantee. Grandview Police Department is conducting research with other outdoor shooting ranges to identify effective products and systems.

Q: What happens after all the products are installed?

Avant Acoustics engineers will conduct another independent sound study to determine levels at the new shooting range from the same measurement locations as determined in the original sound study.

Q: What happens if the sound levels aren’t reduced to old shooting range levels or better?

The City will take reasonable and voluntary steps to mitigate the sound levels.  While a desired outcome cannot be guaranteed, the City’s goal is to have sound levels at the new range equal to or less than levels at the old shooting range.

Q: What would it cost to enclose the shooting range?

The cost to fully enclose the range has been estimated between $3-5 million. To put this in perspective, the Police Department’s annual budget runs just less than $6 million.

Q: What would it cost to move the shooting range?

One of the City’s primary duties is responsibility with taxpayer dollars. Voters approved this $1.2 million shooting range and the City carried out its commitment to voters by completing the project. At this time, moving the range isn’t a feasible or financially responsible option.



How will sound levels from the shooting range affect the health of nearby residents and workers?

Upon installation of the sound mitigation at the new range, we do not anticipate any negative effects of the sound generated at the range. There’s reason to believe sound levels could even be better after treatments and applications than levels from the old range. The City’s goal is to have sound levels at the new range equal to or less than the old shooting range.

Q: At the current sound levels, isn’t the City breaking its own noise ordinance?

No. Code Section 15-2 is unclear and contains no standards such as decibel limits. In addition, Code Section 16-4 prohibits businesses and enterprises from producing noise considered harmful or detrimental to “the comfort, peace or health of persons” within 150 feet of any residence. The shooting range is more than 400 feet from the nearest residence. However, in this case, Missouri state law prevails over City Code. Section 537.294 of the Revised Missouri Statutes grants immunity to both public and private owners of shooting ranges from any criminal or civil lawsuits filed as a result of noise or sound. The Missouri Supreme Court upheld this statute in a 2011 case titled Goerlitz v. City of Maryville.

Q: Will there be a follow-up sound study?

Yes. Once applications/products are approved and installation is complete, Avant Acoustics engineers will conduct a follow-up sound study to measure new levels.

Q: Has the range designer, Total Range Solutions (TRS), built other shooting ranges close to residences and/or businesses?

Yes. Below is a list of ranges built or modified by TRS in areas with high population density:

  • Border Patrol South Carolina: US Naval Weapon Station in Charleston, SC
  • Slidell, LA: 34845 Grantham College Dr, Slidell, LA
  • Hampton PD: 1501 Bethel Ave Hampton, VA 23669
  • El Toro: El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, CA
  • Las Vegas: 7600 East Carey Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Woodburn: 2815 Molalla Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071
  • Henrico PD: 6550 LaFrance Rd, Sandston, VA
  • Gig Harbor: Gig Harbor Sportmen's Club - 9721 Burnham Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332
  • Alexandria: 5261 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA
  • Chicago: 890 Foss Park Ave, North Chicago, IL



Q: How often will police be training at the new shooting range?

The days of range operation will be flexible based on the needs of the Police Department, our federal partners and public demand.  Grandview PD has already agreed to close the range to all shooting on Sundays and can also limit PD training to less than 50 days a year.

Q: What hours will Grandview Police Department conduct training?

Trainings could start as early as 8AM and as late as 10PM.

Q: How often will federal partners be training at the new shooting range?

The contract with Honeywell allows them to train up to 30 times a year.

Q: What are the days and hours of operation for the public?

One weekday TBD and Saturday noon-6PM. After one year, Parks & Recreation will reassess.

Q: How many days a year will the range be used overall?

Public- Up to two days a week

PD- Approximately 3-4 times a month

Honeywell- Approximately 3 times a month

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