Flooding Response & FEMA Maps

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Flooding is one of the worst natural disasters. Property owners and tenants need flooding insurance to be covered in the event of a flood. The City of Grandview has several pieces of land that fall on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Flood Insurance Rate Map. 


After two major floods in 2017 that severely damaged dozens of duplexes and homes, the City has compiled a list of responsibilities and resources for citizens. Here's hoping it will be at least 100 years before we have any more rains like July and August. 






The Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA has issued copies of revised Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for all of Jackson County, including Grandview.  Revisions to the existing FIRM maps could impact those properties along or near the Little Blue River and/or major tributaries to the Little Blue River. 

Also those properties along tributaries of the Blue River near the west city limit may be impacted.   To learn more about the preliminary study visit the FEMA website View Your Community’s Preliminary Flood Hazard Data at


The copies of revised Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for Jackson County Missouri can be viewed on the website https://hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/prelimdownload/searchResult.action

Of the approximate 200 panels listed only eleven include portions of Grandview.  The eleven along with an approximate shown area are:

290490389G - * small section of western Grandview north of 139th St

290490391G – north 1000 ft of Grandview between Grandview Rd and extension of Prospect Ave

290490392G – * north 500 to 1000 ft of Grandview east of Grandview Rd

290490395G – central Grandview from west city limits to ½ west of Raytown Rd roughly between 119th St and 137th St

290490411G - * small section of very Northeast corner of Grandview

290490413G – area between near north city limits and 137th St extended from the east city limits to ½ mile west of Raytown Rd.

290490502G – * small section of very Southwest corner of Grandview

290490507G -  area between 137th St and 155th St from Park Hills to I-49.  This panel contains most of the Little Blue River outside of Longview Lake Park and all of Oil Creek

290490510G – area between 139th St and south city limit from I-49 to near west city limit

290490526G – area between east city limit and ½ mile west from 137th St extended south to a point north of 155th St  All property shown within a flood hazard zone is within Longview Lake Park

290490530G - * small section of very Southeast corner of Grandview

* none of property within Grandview shown to be within a flood hazard zone.

A map index showing what panel numbers cover what portion of Grandview can be by scrolled to the bottom of page and opening document 290492IND3G.