Site Plan Standards

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Prior to issuance of a building permit for any one or two family dwelling, three (3) copies of a site plan shall be submitted to and approved by the Building Services Division. The site plan must be drawn, signed, and sealed by an architect, engineer, or land surveyor registered in Missouri. The site plan shall include one or more scaled maps or drawings at a scale not smaller than fifty (50) feet to the inch which clearly and accurately shows the following information: 

  1. Complete lot dimensions and legal description of property. 
  2. Location and dimensions of all existing and proposed buildings showing exterior dimensions, number and area of floors, elevation of lowest floor to be served by sewer, and distance from property lines. 
  3. Location of all easements, both public and private. 
  4. Location of all utilities to serve the lot, including the location of all existing fire hydrants within 600feet. Sanitary sewer shall show two manholes and location and elevation of stub, if any, that serves the property. Note: If no sanitary sewer is available, then the site must be served by an alternate sanitation system as approved by the Jackson County Health Department. 
  5. Location of fifty year floodplain of any storm drainage system on-site. If the lot is within a designated FEMA floodplain, all information as required by Section 11A of the Code of Laws of the City of Grandview is to be provided. 
  6. Elevations of the centerline of the proposed driveway at the top of the street curb, right-of-way line, and garage floor. If no curb exists, then the elevation of the edge of pavement shall be shown. Note: Refer to city driveway standards. 
  7. Total area of open space of the lot to be left as a permeable and uncovered surface that contains living material (minimum of 25% of lot area is required). 
  8. Additional graphic information as may be required by the Director of Community Development or other city agencies to make determinations required by the applicable city codes and ordinances.

Schedule a Site Plan Review through the City Planner at or call (816) 316-4822.