Solid Waste-Trash Storage and Removal

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Solid waste is trash. Residential solid waste includes, but is not limited to, unwanted or discarded materials (solid or liquid), garbage, ashes, rubbish, dead animals, yard wastes, appliances, etc. Solid waste must be removed from a residence at least once a week. Below is a list of private trash haulers that provide services within the City of Grandview:

  • American Waste Systems, Inc. - commercial, residential, yard waste- (816) 966-1161
  • Compost Connection - residential, yard waste - (816) 761-8300
  • Deffenbaugh Industries, dba Waste Management- commercial, residential - (913) 631--3300
  • KC Disposal - commercial, residential, yard waste- (816)-388-9739
  • Stewart Hauling - residential - (816) 223-1920
  • Ted's Trash Service - commercial - (816) 252-1594
  • WCA of Missouri, LLC - commercial, residential - (816) 380-5595
  • Willey Disposal - commercial, residential, roll-offs - (816) 618-3523

    How should I store trash at my home? Residential solid waste stored outside a building should be placed in containers (90 gallons or less) specifically designed and made for trash storage and collection. The containers must be leak-proof and waterproof, and must be kept closed at all times. Yard wastes, however, shall be exempted from this requirement and may be stored outside in an approved container for a period not to exceed seven (7) days.

    Where should I put my trash for collection? Solid waste in rigid or disposable containers may be placed in front of your residence no sooner than 6 P.M. of the day prior to the day of schedule trash pickup.

    Where should I store the trash other than pickup days? Solid waste containers, stored outside, must be stored behind the front of your home and not closer than six (6) feet to any property line.

    Am I required to put my trash at the curb for pickup? Yes, most residents do. Solid waste collectors may make available to their customers the option of trash pickup at or immediately behind the front line of your house.

    Are there restrictions on where I can put my trash for collection? Yes. Solid waste and waste containers may not be placed in or on any curb, gutter, drainage area, sidewalk or paved portion of the street at any time for any purpose.

    Is there a penalty for storing solid waste improperly? Yes. A fine of up to $500 can be assessed for each violation. Each day the violation continues may be considered a separate violation.