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I) Community Development Flyers & Brochures

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 Accessory Buildings

Appointment of Agent Clean Air Act (Indoor) Emergency Egress Windows Fence Regulations 

 Home Day Care Regulations

One- & Two- Family Construction Political Signs Foundation Recommendations (Res.) Plot Plan Checklist (Res.)


Roofing Regulations (Res.)

Smoke Detector Requirements (Res.)  Swimming Pool Regulations Vacant Property Registration Form Site Plan Review Checklist 

 Tenant Complaint Form


II) Jackson County Web Services

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The IT Department includes Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which manages the mapping needs of the county and the distribution of the map products, both hard copy and digital, to other county departments, cities, state and federal agencies, and Jackson County citizens. You can use the county's  to identify basic home owner information, market values, and parcel ID numbers.




Access detail property reports by utilizing the Parcel ID (i.e. 47-640-09-17-00-0-00-000) obtained from the GIS database. This site provides information including, but not limited to, property characteristics, distribution of current taxes, and even property surveys and replat records.



III) Housing & Neighborhood Associations

The Development Services Division, which can be reached at (816) 316-4820 or (816) 316-4822, provides staff support and assistance to various local organizations and the public including those listed below.

Greenfield Village Homes Association, Inc. 
Current Status:
 Active/Good Standing 
Charter Number: N00006611 
HOA Information per Missouri Secretary of State (click here
President: Carolyn O’Neal 
Vice President: Marry Morris 
Treasurer: Kelly Walker 
Secretary: Alice Richardson 
Board of Directors: Kelly Walker, Carolyn O’Neal, Slice Richardson, Ruth Davis

Highgrove Estates Homes Association (formally Highgrove Estates Homes Association, Inc.) 
A community of 315 households organized into 19 blocks. The club is dedicated to maintaining a safe, attractive, friendly and nurturing neighborhood. 
Current Status: Active/Good Standing 
Charter Number: N01226851 (former Charter Number: N00012539) 
HOA Information per Missouri Secretary of State (click here) (former listing click here
President: Flaxine Smith 
Vice President & Secretary: Dorothy Kennedy 
Treasurer: Cheryl Sweet 
Board of Directors: Flaxine Smith, Dorothy Kennedy, Cheryl Sweet, Lecia Mikle

Sunrise Farms Homes Association, Inc. 
Current Status:
 Active/Good Standing 
Charter Number: N00925510 
HOA Information per Missouri Secretary of State (click here
President: vacant 
Vice President: vacant 
Secretary: Rachael Durant 
Treasurer: Chastity Tillotson 
Board of Directors: Chastity Tillotson, Rachael Durant, and Greg Rizzotto 

The Fountains Homes Association, Inc. 
Current Status: 
Active/Good Standing 
Charter Number: N00016249 
HOA Information per Missouri Secretary of State (click here
President: Debbie Bibbs 
Vice President: Rodger Williamson 
Treasurer: Judith Jordan 
Secretary: Vacant 
Board of Directors: Debbie Bibbs, Rodger Williamson, Judith Jordan, Christine Cleave 
History: The Fountains Homes were developed in 1971 by Norwood Development Co., a Missouri Corp.

The River Oaks Homes Association (formally Merrywood Homes Association, Inc.) 
Current Status:
 Active/Good Standing 
Charter Number: N00016791 
HOA Information per Missouri Secretary of State (click here
President: Adam Paul Zimmerman 
Vice President: William Clements 
Treasurer: Vacant 
Secretary: Michael Barry 
Board of Directors: Marcus Smith, Jennie Wilson, Deborah Pierce

Valley View Neighborhood Association 
President: Janet Dupuis 
Vice President: Vancant 
Secretary: Bervely Michel 
Co- Treasurers: Tim and Ann Russell 
Welcoming: Anna Jean Tedder 
Membership Chair: Renne Jordan 
Mailing Address: 12416 Valley Brook Drive - Grandview, MO -64030 Phone:(816)-966-9772 



IV) Community Associations & Future Regional Planning for "Communities For All Ages"

Efforts to transform the Kansas City region into a livable community for all ages began in 2005, when the Foundation on Aging, a local nonprofit organization, with assistance of former congressman Dennis Moore, received a U.S. Administration on Aging grant to develop a community-based strategic plan for aging in metropolitan Kansas City. As a result, over 150 individuals, representing nearly 110 organizations, participated in conversations and listening sessions held over several months. That work was presented to the community at a forum in January 2007. Here are further highlights from KC Communities for All Ages history since that time: 


  • Community Preparedness for Aging was published by the Foundation on Aging, identifying four major areas of importance to older adults which must be incorporated into an action plan for meeting the challenges of aging in metropolitan Kansas City.
  • The Center for Practical Bioethics convened the listening session "Baby Boomers and the Ethics of Aging," which led to a strategic commitment by the Center to focus on aging issues. 
  • The Jewish Heritage Foundation identified "older adults" as a funding priority for their organization.


  • The Center for Practical Bioethics received a Jewish Heritage Foundation planning grant to focus on the intersection between aging, healthcare and technology; focusing on readiness, capacity and commitment. This became the KC4 Aging in Place initiative. Five focus areas were identified to support aging in community: caregiving; health services; housing, social and civic engagement; and transportation and mobility
  • The Aging in Place initiative, sponsored by Partners for Livable Communities, National Association of Area Agencies and the MetLife Foundation, held a national conference at the Kauffman Foundation.


  • Two interactive information sessions entitled "Is Growing Older, Growing Wise in Kansas City?" were held at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • was launched.


  • KC4 Aging in Community participated in the Spring Home Builders Show, visited by approximately 30,000 residents, with the universal design home being the primary attraction at the show.


  • KC4 Aging in Community became a program in the Community Development department at Mid-America Regional Council. With support and funding from the Jewish Heritage Foundation and the W.J. Brace Charitable Trust, Bank of America, Trustee, MARC continues to work in partnership with the Center for Practical Bioethics and other community partners.