Outstanding Interstate Highways Access

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Major Highway Improvements

Raised Highway Structure Grandview is fortunate to be located the confluence of the greatest vehicular routes in the metropolitan area. Access to major highways in any direction is only minutes away from any part of the City.

Interstate 49 runs north-south through the center of Grandview. It joins I-435 and I-470 less than a mile north of Grandview’s border northern border.

The daily vehicular traffic at the confluence of the three interstate freeways (popularly called the Grandveiw Triangle) carries over 250,000 vehicles a day. A massive project by the Missouri Department of Transportation, completed in 2008, reconfigured the intersection of the three highways, redesigning it to accommodate a daily volume of 400,000 vehicles per day.

The intersection of I-49, I-435, and I-470—just above Grandview’s northern border--provide rapid access to other major freeways that make the Kansas City area a vehicular transportation hub.

Travel time on I-435 and I-470 provide quick access to I-35 (north-south) and I-70 (east-west). Those major routes can be reached within 15-20 minutes from Grandview.

I-49 turns into Missouri Highway 71 at the Kansas City, Missouri, boundary. It is a divided, four-lane route that runs northward, where it crosses the Missouri River and links with I-29, also a north-south route, and I-70, the transcontinental east-west artery.

An east-west route, Missouri Highway 150, runs along Grandview’s southern border. A major project began in 2010 to redevelop it into an attractive, four-lane divided highway. It serves as a major artery for traffic from Lee’s Summit, Missouri (Missouri Highway 291), and Johnson County, Kansas. That project was completed in 2012.

A majority of Grandview’s industrial business community is served by Missouri Highway 150. The state highway feeds major vehicular traffic onto I-49, leading either southward, or northward to the Grandview Triangle and Interstates 435 and 470, and on to Interstates 35, 70, and 29.

Grandview’s quick and easy access to Interstate highways that lead in every direction from metropolitan Kansas City. Grandview’s location gives it a vehicular transportation “edge” when compared to other area cities.

The City’s Public Works Department conducts ongoing traffic counts throughout Grandview. Contact the Economic Development Department (816-316-4869) for information on traffic counts for specific roads and streets throughout the City.