8:00am-Noon & 4:00pm-8:00pm


  1. Fees for children services must be paid at the front desk. The patron will provide a receipt or punch card to the attendant when they drop off their child.
  2. The childcare ratio should NOT exceed 10:1. No more than three children can be under the age of 12 months. If additional help is needed, please contact the front desk staff.
  3. Parents or guardians must sign children in and out and include where they can be located within the facility.
  4. Parents may leave their children for a two-hour MAXIMUM time period.
  5. Parents may NOT leave the facility if their child is in childcare.
  6. All large toys will be kept in the closet rotated accordingly.
  7. THE VIEW staff does NOT change diapers. If the need arises, immediately inform the front desk staff and they will page the parent.
  8. Children who are toilet trained need to wear loose fitting clothes to use the bathroom themselves. Parents will be summoned to take care of their child if needed. This policy is in effect to assure both child and staff safety in the childcare setting.
  9. Parents are to attend child’s bathroom needs upon arrival.
  10. Children will not be permitted in the childcare room with a fever or if they have had a fever within 24 hours. Children with contagious illness are not to be brought to childcare.
  11. NO food or drink will be given in childcare. Children may NOT eat snacks in the childcare room.
  12. Children may NOT bring their own toys into the room.
  13. Parents will be responsible to take their child’s coat, boots, hat, etc. with them to the designated area, if a cubby is unavailable. Lost and found will be turned over to the front desk at the end of each day.
  14. Children are encouraged to assist with picking up toys before leaving.
  15. If a child begins to cry and you are unable to calm the child down after 10 minutes time, inform the front desk staff and they will page the parents.
  16. No spanking or hitting is permitted.
  17. Physical violence or threats are never an option.
  18. Employees must wash hands regularly, including after using the restroom.
  19. Disciplining the children may include a time out or not allowing the child to play with a certain toy any further.
  20. The same adult signing the child in should be the same one signing out. In the event someone else is picking the child up we need signed authorization from the adult that signed the child in.