Dear Citizens,

I am honored to serve as your Chief of Police for the City of Grandview. I am energized and optimistic about the future of our Police Department and our City.  We have an excellent staff of men and women that are dedicated to the citizens who live, work and visit the City of Grandview.  Our personnel are committed to the concept of excellence in law enforcement. This is achieved by maintaining the highest standards, by providing citizens prompt service that is respectful, professional and good-natured.  

The Community Oriented Policing philosophy is a key component to the continued success and the future prosperity of Grandview.  We encourage input from the community on law enforcement and quality of life issues.  I want the citizens of Grandview to “move toward the badge, not away from the badge”.  We will continue to foster the relationships we have established and build new ones; where officers and citizens can work together.  Ultimately we all share the same goal – to reduce crime and provide a better quality of life for our friends, families and citizens. Through collaboration and cooperation we can reach our goals!  We shall strive to establish a climate of mutual respect and trust through positive interaction with citizens of the community.  I encourage the citizens of our community to get involved with their homeowner associations, schools, churches and yes, the police department.  Grandview’s story has not been completely written, the present and the future for our City has great promise but we all need to work together to achieve success.

We value your concerns, comments and input.  Please feel free to contact me or any member of the police department.


Chief Charles Iseman