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Alarm Registration
All alarm systems are to be registered with the Grandview Police Department. Any alarm system, which elicits a police, fire, or EMS response, is required to obtain a permit. The alarm user will be issued an identification number for each location. This information will be entered into a computer system and used for tracking false alarms and also for emergency notifications. A one time non-refundable fee for $10 for each alarm system is required. The user will obtain an alarm user identification sticker to be displayed on the front of the business or residence showing that an alarm permit has been issued. 

Applications are available by mail or from the Grandview Police Department, 1200 Main Street, Monday through Friday, or contact 816-316-4900 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM if you have any questions. The applications are available for download at the link above. 

Citizen Complaint Form 

Citizen Compliment Form

File a Minor Incident Report 
Please fill out this form at the link above if you are reporting one of these crimes: harassing phone calls, identity theft, lost, stolen or recovered property, minor theft of property, theft of service, vandalism, damaged property, other misdemeanor or city ordinance violations.

Take Me Home Registration
Take Me Home is a voluntary registration program for those who may not be able to communication effectively with Grandview Police Officers. Please complete the information in the online form above, including uploading 1-2 images of the person being registered. Please note it will take 3-4 weeks to enter into the database.