Citizen Compliments & Complaints Forms

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As much as possible, we hope that all your contacts with the members of the Grandview Police Department are
positive. Your input is very important to us; please taken this opportunity to share your comments or to compliment one of our staff. Catch an officer doing good!

Forms are available at the Grandview Police Station and the link below. If you choose to complete the form at home, please mail it to:

    Grandview Police, 1200 Main St., Grandview MO 64030


If anyone has an inquiry regarding police action, the supervisor on duty will be able to assist you, and clarify any misunderstandings. (816) 316-4900)

If anyone wishes to file a complaint in writing, a CITIZEN COMPLAINT FORM is available through this link or at the Grandview Police Department. Assistance will be provided with filling out the form if requested.

Once a formal complaint is received, the investigating officer will notify the complainant of the status of the investigation within 15 days of filing.

If there are any questions please call (816) 316-4900 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or (816) 316-4980 during nights and weekends.