Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

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The Grandview Police Department is dedicated to our community’s safety and now provides the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. This program is a partnership between law enforcement and the community working together to prevent crime. The goal is to help minimize crime and problem tenants to ensure the safety of the community.

Designed to help reduce police calls for service, provide a more stable resident base and improve quality of life for tenants, this training program is conducted in three phases. Upon completion, the property is awarded certification.

Phase I: Management Training
This is an 8-hour seminar taught by the KCPD and covers
o Crime Prevention Theory
o Physical Security
o Benefits of Resident Screening
o Lease Agreements and Eviction Issues
o Crime Free Lease Addendum
o Key Control and Master Key Use
o On-going Security Management Monitoring
o Gangs, Drugs Activity and Crime Prevention
o Legal Warning, Notices and Evictions
• Upon completing Phase 1, the complex becomes certified

Phase 2: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
This is a survey conducted by the Police Department and determines what areas require some attention. Once all minimum safety requirements are met, the complex moves to phase 3.

Phase 3: Community Awareness Training
This is an annual crime prevention social taught by property management and the Police Department.

The program trains apartment managers to identify problem tenants and to legally prevent them from becoming tenants or to evict them. Additionally, the managers learn to use the concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design to make their properties less desirable to criminals and less conducive to criminal behavior. The management of the Oak Tree Apartments and Candlelight Apartments have attended the training, and Oak Tree has begun working on meeting the minimum requirements for the program. Candlelight has recommended the needed changes to their management company.

Officers Alan Walker and Gary Kerley are working as a team to introduce the Crime Free Multi-Housing program to the apartment complexes in Grandview.