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Teaching About Law Enforcement Knowledge

The Grandview Police Department has created and implemented a new program for our community. Created by former SRO Doug Thacker and SRO Beau Bailey, Teaching About Law Enforcement Knowledge (T.A.L.K.) is a program used to teach 9th Grade students the purpose of various aspects of law enforcement they are likely to encounter and the role each of them play in it as a citizen. This is designed to lessen fear, anxiety and potential miscommunication or misconception often experience by young people while interacting with police officers and other criminal justice officials. The overall goal of the program is to reduce the negative contacts between young people and the police an to introduce law enforcement as a possible career choice.

Although the T.A.L.K. Program is geared toward 9th Grade students, the instructors also share some of the important messages with kids throughout the community when opportunities present themselves.  

MISSION STATEMENT: The T.A.L.K. program is designed to educate and integrate laws and life skills for the youth in Grandview. The curriculum will address law enforcement's role in the community and the importance of forming partnerships with citizens.