Investigations Unit

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The Investigations Unit is supervised by Detective Master Sergeant Dean VanWinkle. The unit is staffed with eight detectives.

The Investigations Unit is charged with investigating crimes within the city in which an arrest is not immediately made. While their focus is primarily on crimes that occur in Grandview their assignments extend far beyond the city’s borders as they work with detectives in local, state and federal agencies throughout the metropolitan area. Detectives in the unit may also be called to serve as members of the Kansas City Metro Chiefs Association’s Metro Squad, an ad-hoc group formed to focus trained investigators in the case of a murder or other major crime that has just occurred. The Investigations Unit is additionally responsible for the Domestic Abuse/Victim Advocacy programs and crime analysis.


The Victim / Witness Advocate program works with victims of domestic assault. 

The unit reviews all domestic violence cases and crimes of this nature.  Contact is then made with all the victims of these crimes.

Victims of domestic violence are given information on how to obtain an ex parte order of protection or how to seek safe shelter.  The unit works with victims while in court so they don't have to deal with their problem alone.

A victim is defined as a person, other than the perpetrator or accomplice, who suffers direct or threatened physical, emotional, or financial harm as a result of the commission or attempted commission of a crime. The term "victim" also includes the family members of a minor, incompetent person, or homicide victim.

A witness is defined as a person other than a perpetrator, accomplice or person employed in the administration of criminal justice which has information or evidence relevant to the investigation of a crime.

The State of Missouri has a fund to reimburse residents who have suffered injuries causing a financial loss due to certain crimes of violence. This program is administered by the Crime Victims' Compensation Unit of the Division of Workers' Compensation in Jefferson City, Missouri at (800) 347-6881.  A pamphlet outlining this program is available at the Records Unit counter.