Right-Of-Way Permits

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The City of Grandview requires that any person(s) performing work in the City’s right-of-way obtain a permit for such work prior to commencement of work. In some cases, repairs may be performed as an emergency situation by a utility company in order to restore or prevent loss of service to its customers. In the case of an emergency repair, the utility company or its contractor must apply for the required permit by the next business day following commencement of the emergency repairs. Tree trimming and the replacement of utility poles and related equipment at an existing location or immediately adjacent to an existing location does not require a permit. Permanent repairs to any excavated areas (lawn, driveway, street) must be completed within 15 days of the excavation.

If the work involves repairing a residential sewer service within the paved area of a city street click HERE for information concerning the repair of the street.

Per Section 3 of Ordinance No. 5255, in order to obtain a permit the applicant must submit to the City:

Grandview Public Works | 1200 Main Street | Grandview, MO | (816) 316-4856