Business Recruitment Rewards Program

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Business Recruitment Rewards Program

The Business Recruitment Rewards program encourages residents and business people working in the area to participate in the City’s economic development and growth through the Business Recruitment Rewards program. The program provides a way for resident and professionals working in the area to help promote new businesses activities in the City. Note that professional brokers are eligible for the rewards in accordance with program guidelines.

The program may compensate individuals $1,000-5,000 for helping attract new companies to the City. The amount of rewards for businesses attracted with our partners will range from $1,000 to $5,000.

“Thank you” payments for successfully recruited companies are contingent on attracting the types of businesses that the City actively seeks, appropriate nomination forms, and the numbers of new employees hired by nominated new companies. Business prospects suggested for the program must meet location criteria established by the City.

Companies that generally qualify for benefits under Grandview’s Enhanced Enterprise Zones (EEZ) are considered prime targets likely to be eligible for the rewards program. Businesses that would compete with already existing local firms, such as many retailers and service companies, typically will not qualify. The purpose of the program is to enlarge the City’s economic base, not to split it into more, but smaller “pieces.”

Prospective promising nominees firms should be unique in Grandview and/or ones that will draw market dollars from outside the area. Other categories of targeted companies are industries such as suppliers and distributors for the building trades and businesses. Such businesses often largely serve non-local customers and they can do well in the Grandview because of its quick and easy access to major transportation routes. Such firms bring sales and revenues from around the metropolitan area into Grandview.

The City has established a committee to oversee the program. Complete guidelines and application forms are available at City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce. Potential participants in the Rewards program also can call the Economic Development Director, Troy Nash, at 816-316-4869 for more general information, guidelines, and nomination forms.