Business Retention

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The Grandview Area Economic Development Council (GAEDC) is a private / public partnership which assists expanding Grandview companies while marketing our community to attract new businesses, jobs and customer base.


  • Address needs of existing businesses through annual visitation and survey program.
  • Work with the City’s Economic Development Department to recruit new retail, service and industry to Grandview.
  • Assist in creating quality jobs for Grandview citizens.
  • Promote a continued team effort between GAEDC, City, School Districts, and Water District in working with clients and marketing Grandview.
  • Work with developers and real estate agents to educate on the amenities of Grandview.
  • Continue the Employment Scholarship Program to provide future, educated workers for local businesses.

By attracting new jobs and customers, the Grandview Area Economic Development Council helps important community groups in several ways:


  • Serve as a connection between investors and expansion or relocation projects.
  • Coordinate with other economic development entities (city, county, region, state) to retain existing businesses and offer competitive financial packages.
  • Increase Grandview’s impact in county and state offices and with the Legislature.
  • Spread awareness of community benefits throughout the metro area.

Local Businesses:

  • Provide education on available state and local assistance programs for start-up and expanding businesses
  • Link local business owners to discuss needs and promote solutions.
  • Publicly recognize Grandview businesses for their local investment.
  • Protect Grandview’s traditionally low tax rate by expansion of the tax base.
  • Protect and increase the value of a business’ investment. 

Prospective Businesses:

  • Provide leads to the City for follow up.
  • Assist with incentive package research and information.
  • Link with local and metro-area business groups.
  • Demonstrate locational advantages such as transportation access, low taxes, skilled labor, high quality schools and civic pride and support.


  • Bring quality businesses and resulting jobs to Grandview.
  • Enhance schools due to larger tax base.
  • Enhance quality of life for all Grandview citizens by expansion of the tax base.
  • Improve the infrastructure that serves every citizen.
  • Increase metro awareness of community benefits.

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